Tuesday, 10 October 2017

What happens at the Catholic wedding program?

If you are planning your marriage ceremony in the Catholic Church chances are that one of your options is to celebrate the right of marriage. Find here the standard program of a Catholic wedding program along with a brief description of each aspect and what the congregation does in each step.

In a Catholic wedding program, the bride and groom cannot be indicating to the guests what is happening every moment of the wedding, that is why it is necessary to make a wedding program, which contains all the information, every event, time, important names, you need to worry about nothing and you can enjoy your wedding fully, so if you want to learn How do you do a wedding program? Follow the steps below that we will teach you for Catholic wedding program.

A program, you cannot miss a wedding, is a great help for both the guests and the bride and groom, this will keep your guests aware of everything that will happen on that day, here we give you some examples of how is a Catholic wedding program carried out;

1.     You can make a program of different shapes, for example, glued in fans, in a single card, in the form of the book, triptych.

2.      Name of the couple: you must indicate the names of the two.

3.      Name of the parents: as a protocol, the names of the parents of both should be given.

4.      Name of the godparents: you must write the names of your godparents and if it is a Catholic wedding, traditionally, you have the godparents of rings, bow, arras, bible, and bouquet.

5.      Names of the wedding procession, girls etc.

6.      Wedding Courtship Training: This is optional, but you should place the order of how you are going to walk.

7.    Name of the event, date and time: the program is a wedding itinerary, like flights or a tour, only more detailed, in this, you must place all the events that you will have, the toast, the cake cut, the first dance of the bride and groom, etc.
Something that happens a lot at weddings, is that after the end of the ceremony, the guests do not know where to go, so it is important to specify everything in detail, for example, if after the ceremony comes the photo session with the group of the wedding and then only family, places this information in the program.

8.      If after the reception follows the party or a turnabout, you must also place that information in the program.

9.     Music: many guests like to know the names of the songs of the entrance, signature, and departure of the bride and groom, first dance, it would be a good idea to place the names of each one.

10. Wedding Theme: If the wedding has a particular theme, you can also add it in the program and the colors of the wedding.

11. Acknowledgment: A word of thanks to your loved ones and guests, it is not too bad.